Friday, 26 July 2013

Feeling the pull again

This year's focus is rather different from last year.  Instead of getting in 15hrs or workouts a week, I'm getting 15hrs of extra work hours in.  :)  New job, new technologies, new challenges - my priority is to ramp up fast and no hold back deadlines.  I am enjoying it, though, with the mental challenges beating me up like last year's physical challenges.

With the work focus, there's been little exercising - I don't even call it training anymore.  Solid work days and full mornings and evenings with family have been the norm, and I'm loving it.  My daughter's doing Storm Troopers kids triathlon training again this summer and she's so awesome and fun to watch.  Lots of good fun together on the nice summer evenings, lazy weekends, relaxed times.  Life is good.

This week though, among all the usual stuff, were seeds of inspiration that started to feed me.  Ironman Lake Placid is this weekend.  The athlete's guide for Ironman Mont Tremblant North American Championships was released.  News of a man that finally ended is 9-mile-a-day running streak - 45 years long to the day.  A friend asking about swim training, and my recommending Storm Triathlon's age group masters.  Seeing Storm's Greg Kealey getting kudos from Simon Whitfield for restarting the Sharbot Lake Kids of Steel race - Simon's first ever triathlon.  It all stirred a little something in me.


I remember all too well how I felt last year with my training.  The strength, the pride, the adrenalin, the amazing achievements, the love and support of my family and friends.  It was a journey that I will forever cherish and never forget.  And I relive that with every Ironman race that is run, every ITU race I watch on television, every question I answer about training, every bit of advice I give to others starting their journey.

No matter how far away that is for me now (I'm not signed up for any races, I'm not training, and I'm back over 200lbs again), it still feels oh so close.  I know what it takes to get there again, and I know I can do it again.  The desire wasn't there at the end of last year, but it's starting to come back.  And to be honest, it's exciting.

So this year, I'll be on the sidelines watching races, watching training, watching my daughter train.  I'll be cheering hard and loud, all the while reliving my version of that story.

I think I'm getting ready for another iron.  Not sure when, but feeling pretty sure that there's another one in my future.

Good luck to all racing in Lake Placid and Sharbot Lake this weekend (and in Ottawa too - I think there's a race...).  I'll be cheering the whole time!

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