Thursday, 2 May 2013

Square 1 seems too far back now

Just wrapping up my first week at my new job, and loving it.  Spring is here with vengeance, and everyone's getting out to enjoy it.  It's been very helpful for family outings and commuting to work - of the 15-20min travel time, about 10min of it is walking.  I've run home from the office on one occasion this week, and tomorrow I'm biking to the new office for the first time (and as an added bonus, I'm getting my daughter from school on the bike, and we're biking home together).

Things have really turned around (again), and things are feeling good.

As you can tell from this blog, there wasn't a hell of a lot of anything through the winter - I was saturated from Ironman Mont Tremblant last year, and I enjoyed every bit of freedom and indulgence.  Now I'm paying the price for that...actually, saying that makes it sound like a regret, and it's not.  I loved the break, the time with family, doing things that I hadn't done for months.  What I should say is that I've let my Ironman fitness fade away, and now I'm back rebuilding.

What I think is funny is this:  mentally, I'm in AMAZING Ironman shape still!  My habit for running is to still start out easy at a 5min45 pace.  Well, it doesn't take too long for my body to speak up.  :D  I can run and bike still, just not as fast or as long as I could before.  It just seems hard to remember that right now.

But no matter - I'll get it back.  I plan on biking to and from the office most days (if not all), and I plan on running home after work.  Peter and I will get some runs in on the weekends, and the family will continue to do our weekend rides.  I may not reach my previous fitness level, but I'll keep working it and see where it leads.

Back at Square 1?  Almost...but not quite.

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