Friday, 22 March 2013

Yes, I worked out!

This week I actually did two workouts!   And the week's not done yet!

First workout was a strength one on the bike - Spinervals "Bending Crank Arms" is one of the toughest bike workouts I own, and I rocked it out.  Granted I'm no where near as strong as I used to be, I figured that I might as well get some cardio in with some hard ass work.  I got through the first round of squats, but the others were done as stand-up pedaling in high gear.  As I get stronger, I'll be doing more squat work there.  Proud I did that one, especially considering I've not done any kind of workout/training for weeks.

Second workout was a run.  To be honest, I've been dreading this.  I've never been a strong runner, but last year was my best year for running - I could knock out a half marathon at the drop of a hat (not fast, but I could do the distance).  Up to this week, my last run was during the first week of February.  I'm certainly back to Square 1, and I've been hating what it would feel like.  But this week, I didn't care.  I thought "Well, it won't get easier, and it won't get better unless I get started."  Not the best quote you'll ever read, but it's 100% true.  So out I went.  I didn't even care about HR, pace, zones, breathing - I just ran what I wanted to run.  15 minutes later I was done.

Actually, I wasn't done.  I was tired, but not fully tired.  I immediately headed to a crescent right near home and sprinted it as hard as I could while keeping good form and maintaining control.  Solid, quick, and a whole lot of fun.  As I did my recovery jog back home, I thought of a new plan for the summer - intervals around this crescent while my daughter bikes them with me.  Great training for both of us.

I'm looking for at least one more workout this week - not grand, sure, and nothing like last year's Ironman training, but it's still an improvement.  Besides, Spring arrives soon (not soon enough) - want to be ready for that!

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