Thursday, 14 March 2013

Good and Bad with my Gyro Saros helmet

Last year, my 1.5yr old Gyro Saros helmet broke.  I couldn't believe it.  The tension adjustment knob just fell apart.  I was so damned disappointed - that helmet was essentially new.

I felt better when I found out that you could get new Roc Loc 5 assemblies for a pretty good price.  Thinking I'd help out the local bike shops, I decided to order one through a local one.

It was a Roc Loc 4.  Completely incompatible with my helmet.  I was doubly disappointed because the '4 is far more resiliant than the '5.  I returned it and they tried the order again, which got lost.

I gave up and tried another local shop.  It was now November 2012, and biking season was done.  I figured that it would be a breeze to get this part through the winter, making me feel no rush at all.  The order was put in with the supplier that month.

After repeatedly calling this shop for updates, I just found out that the part is being shipped.  It's been nearly half a damned year to get a part that should last more than 18 months to begin with.  It's the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned, but I'm at the point of tossing it because of the early failure on the Roc Loc 5 system.  And I have, recently, found other reviews on the web that identify these systems getting brittle and breaking prematurely.

For as much as I love the Saros, I hate it.  And it's all because of the Roc Loc 5.  I've owned Bell and LG helmets - never a problem, ever.

But the team at my local bike shop is saving it - not Gyro - they managed to get the replacement Roc Loc 5 under warranty, at no cost to me.  For that, I can't thank the crew at Kundstadt enough.

But I will say this - if that Roc Loc fails in another 12-18 months, I will never own another Gyro helmet again.

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