Monday, 14 January 2013

Training underway!

I was successful last week!  I stuck to 3 trainer sessions, 3 pushups sessions, and 3 situps sessions.  I even got a run in.  Certainly nothing like last year, but it's a solid start.

And because of it, I do feel better all around - mentally and physically.  I feel fresher, calmer, and prouder.

And I've done more pushups in one week than I've probably done all my life.  :)

I'm hoping for more of the same this week, and start to get some strength work on the bike.  If the weather holds, I'd like more runs as well.  There's been a lot of melting this week, so instead of dealing with lots of snow and slush, it's switching to puddles and ice.  If I do run this week, it won't be fast or strenuous.  No need to start the year with a broken ankle.

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