Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 will be a hard act to follow...if I follow

A new job.  A family trip to Disneyworld.  A new car.  Nine months of dedicated training.  An Ironman race.  2012 was a big year for me and my family, and looking back on it, it's no wonder we all feel very tired.

Well then, what's up for 2013?  I have no idea.  I haven't actually thought much about it.  I haven't trained for it yet, either.

One thing that feels rather certain is the lack of races.  I have not committed to any yet, and the ones I'm thinking of don't require swimming.  I have romantic ideas of taking another shot at the marathon, or the 220km GranFondo Ottawa, or the Rideau Lakes tour. I have very romantic ideas of taking on another iron-distance triathlon, but that seems rather far away right now.  I do think about the Smiths Falls Classic, a sprint tri that I haven't done for a few years now.  It's in June, and that would be more than enough time for me to start getting ready for it.

Something else that feels rather certain is my current enjoyment of NOT being rigidly "controlled" by training.  I've spent years trying to improve and prepare for my goal of an Ironman, and when I signed up for the inaugural Ironman Mont Tremblant last year it was a very strict nine months of training that I forced myself to do to my best ability.  No skipping workouts, adapting to available time and training at various times of the day, and selfishly taking all this time for me.  I missed my family a lot during many training sessions, and I missed one hell of a lot of sleep.  And while the end result was incredible and amazing for all of us, and while I'd love to do it all again, I not ready to do it now.  I'm busy being selfish with my time in different ways right now - being with my family, playing with my daughter, focusing more on work, and catching up on my growing collection of XBox games.

I do feel stalled - that's the other certain thing so far in 2013, and I imagine it's a carry-over from 2012 based on some of my previous posts.  I'm somewhere between post-Ironman celebrations, Christmas over-indulgences, a prepped workout room, no goals, and a comfy couch near an XBox and a Wii.  It's a great spot to be, but it certainly doesn't help get active and back into shape.

Yes, back into shape.  I've really done nothing fitness wise since the Ironman...well, other than make it worse.  But even that doesn't really concern me.  "I did it before, I can do it again" is what I believe now.  But I keep remembering a quote I read somewhere - "If you hate starting over, stop quitting."  There's something in my subconscious that makes me think I'll regret not keeping what fitness I gained...don't know why, it's just a feeling.

What might help me out is the end of the holiday season.  Starting tomorrow, everything is back to "normal" - back to work, back to activities for my daughter, back to school next week, back to the ol' routine.  With the return of all we used to know, perhaps I can be reminded of the training and fitness I used to know as well.  It'll be an easier start, and a different path to follow.  With no Ironman in my future (...yet...) this training will be more functional - core strength, cycling focus and running focus.  Something good enough for daily commuting to work, 10 mile runs with buddies, 5k challenges, stuff like that.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading!

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