Friday, 16 November 2012

I'm excited to ride again

That's right - I'm dying to ride once again!  Is it that the weather's still "warm" enough?  Is it that I watched the Ironman World Championships on NBC last weekend?  Is it because I've signed up for a big race?

Nope.  It's because I got these:

Finally, after nearly 10yrs of riding with my old LG shoes, slowly converting them from mid-level cycling shoes into biological weapons of mass destruction (my god they smelled bad), I finally got new shoes.  And they look all new and shiny - the carbon fiber soles will cry when I put the cleats on them.  :D

But truly, I've been looking forward to this for a while.  I'm slowly getting back to running, but once again having the convenience of a trainer ride will make the fitness recovery just that much easier this fall/winter.

Looks like it's time to dust off those Spinervals DVDs again!


Mark in Ottawa said...

Congrats on such a successful IronMan race - it sounds like you hit all your bases.

So have you started your base training yet? I usually can't get motivated until I picked out my next season's races. I need something to work towards.

Hope you're doing well.

Mark (in Ottawa)

cdnhollywood said...

Thanks for the congrats. It was a great race, and I did hit all my goals. I do realize, however, that my goals could have been raised a bit higher now that it's all done. :)

I haven't hit my base training much yet. I've decided that the rest of the year will be just fun - do what I want when I want, well, within reason. I've had 2-3 easy short runs a week, and I'm still working on getting more consistent with the trainer sessions. But it's still there.

I am mentally "distracted" from more training right now. Not only do I feel like the 8-9 months of solid training wore me out mentally, I also feel like I'm focusing on the things that lost some of their focus - stuff around the house, projects at work, things like that.

But it's all good. No pressure, no worries, and no goals (yet). Not sure what's in the works for 2013, but sooner or later, I'll figure it out.

karen nelson said...
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