Monday, 24 September 2012 anyone there?

That may be what you've been thinking regarding me and my blog.  Yes, the blog has been extremely quiet since the completion of Ironman Mont Tremblant.  But thankfully, my life hasn't been the same way.  I'm back to the "usual" lifestyle now which requires less than 15hrs a week of training, and to be honest, I'm loving it.

Lately my days are filled with normal work/life stuff, and now I have a LOT more time to do the things I sacrificed during the training:  work around the house, more playtime with the family, more relaxed time overall.  I'm happy, sleeping well, getting more things done, and spending more time with family and friends.  I don't miss the 4:30am wake-ups, and I don't miss the 9:00pm runs.   There's a lot of other things to do, and after 8 months of rigid structure, I'm letting things get rather informal for the rest of the year.

But I do miss the activity.  I still greatly enjoy swimming, biking and running.  I just don't do them as much.  I've yet to swim since the race, and I've only done one run since then also.  I'm biking to and from work almost every day, however.  And right now, I'm fine with that.

That doesn't mean I'm dropping triathlon, or any further thoughts of doing another iron-distance race.  Far from it!  I've got my eyes on Ironman Texas, perhaps in 2014.  I'd like to try the Gran Fondo that's in Ottawa.  Perhaps the Rideau Lakes Tour.  There's a 3k open water swim that happens here every year, and I've never done it.  My good friend is trying to get me to try cyclocross racing.  Not entirely sure what's up for the rest of this year, or next year, really.  But I'll just let things go for now, and pick something to focus on later.

I'm still getting 4-5hrs of riding in each week.  Not a pile, but still good, and it saves me a tonne of time on my work/home commute.  As the days get shorter and the mornings colder (my right shift lever was freezing up this morning and wouldn't shift), I'll pull my Felt S22 back indoors and place it on the trainer.  But even before then, I do want to get more running done.  I like running, and I like running all over - I'm just not doing it.  It's the one thing that I really want to improve upon, so I'd better get off the couch.  As for swimming, that will come back as well, but I'm in no rush for it just yet.

I think my main focus over fall and winter is really two things:

  1. Have fun
  2. Get stronger.
I'm going to try and get more strength work done this winter, mainly for biking and running, but also some core and upper body.  I'll get back at, core yoga, squats, pushups - more traditional work.  I'll certainly mix in Spinervals stuff too for strength and threshold work, and the odd (weekly?) endurance ride.  It'll be more flexible and relaxed, but that means I need to stick to it and not let the workouts slide by too much.  :)

That's about all I've got for now.  Keep reading, if you wish - I'll try to put more on the blog more often.  Not sure how exciting it'll be, but it'll be here.


adena said...

Well deserved rest for you and time with your family. Keep posting, I'll keep reading.

oh and POUTINE!

Scott Cannon said...

Your number 1 should always be number 1: have fun!