Friday, 10 August 2012

No matter what happens, I'm very proud.

I never thought I'd take on an Ironman.  And after I signed up, I never thought I'd train as hard and as dedicated as I have.  With a mere week and a bit remaining, the end of this journey is very near.


Farhang said...

Well done Mark. Its time to put your feet up relax and reflect on your amazing journey, the race is just around the corner.

Look out for #257 on the course!

Closet Artist said...

We'll be there with you and just keep a look out for the ones screaming and ringing a bell!! I'm SURE we will easily stand out in the mass of people doing the same!! lol Can't wait!!

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

whaaa whoo

i'll be there!

Matty O said...

Have fun buddy! Take the day in and enjoy every minute of it.