Tuesday, 21 August 2012

"You are an Ironman!"

I did it! My first ever Ironman is complete and it was a total success!

13:29:51 - I had to look it up afterwards because I was too busy celebrating when I crossed the line.

This was an incredible experience and so many emotions were experienced. I met so many people that were inspiring, interesting, exciting and humbling both on and off the course. The organization, the volunteers, the municipality all went above and beyond to make Ironman Mont Tremblant one of the very best - they pulled out all the stops.

There is so much to tell, so much to describe, and I cannot possible do it all in one post let alone on my iPod. But I will provide a few highlights:

- my near collision with a large pylon as it wasn't in the line it should be (nearly caused a crash)
- managing 200m of headup swimming when I unknowingly passed a pile if swimmers and put myself in the foray if a mass start
- being on a course that let me see family and friends so many times through the day (it really kept me going)
- negative splitting the run
- offering to help an athlete with a broken foot, but having to leave him because he was walking to the finish anyway
- of course, having Mike Reilly call me at the finish
- running the last 300m pain-free through the heart of Pedestrian Village being cheered by 1000s of spectators
- managing the toughest climbs I have ever encountered so far on a bike
- wanting to just quit for the last 9hrs...but not allowing myself to do it.

Now I recover. Everything hurts more than I have ever felt before. My wife stated it best - "You cannot really appreciate an Ironman triathlon until you see one". It is an amazing event to be a part of, and it will challenge you mentally and physically in so many ways. Maybe that is why so many flock to these events. Maybe it is why I ran the last 300m with arms held high, high-fives to anyone that would give me one (and there were a lot). It truly has been a great celebration of a journey that has lasted a long, long time. Payoff for all the blood, sweat and tears in training.

I cannot thank enough my family, friends and essentially all of Mont Tremblant for helping me reach this goal and for everything that helped me get to that glorious finish line.

Now, I am an Ironman. Full of pride, and full of aches. Time to tend them and get some rest. More details to come.


Closet Artist said...

"Mark you are an Ironman"!!!!!
Loved hearing those words, albeit there were a bit quiet due to my screaming like a crazy woman!!!!!!!
Now just one more question- when are we doing the next one???!!!!!!
Love you and thank you for the experience!!!

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

Congrats! At least Mike Reilly called you in. I blew by him and he didn't say anything but at that point, I couldn't care less. I just wanted to cross the line

congrats once again

adena said...

Way to go!!! I was with my friends that pulled out in the afternoon/evening so I missed seeing you!! I can't believe anyone completed that course, way to gut it out!

Farhang said...

Congrats on fantastic race Mark