Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Some good news, some bad

So what do you want first?  What's your preference?  Hmmm, I could use a poll here.  ;)

Perhaps I'll do it in order of importance.

The Good News:

The knee is GOOD TO GO!  I saw the doctor today, and what I have is some bursitis.  It's also known as - get this - "cleaner's knee" and "housekeeper's knee."  Sweet.  I can see that generating some smart-ass comments.  I guess I was kneeling too much, or got it just right and >pow< that was it.  In any case, my doctor said that this results from stress on the front of the knee, while the swim-bike-run stuff puts stress on the joint itself.  So, it's ice and NSAIDs for the bursitis, and a pile of training for the knee joint!  :D  Great news with just 7 weeks left to my first Ironman race.

The Bad News:

Ok, there isn't really any bad news.  But it added to the moment.  ;)


Jon said...

Great news!!!

Scott Cannon said...

LOL about the bad news part. I'd take the knee news to mean you shouldn't do any housecleaning for the next 6 months.