Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Finally, an update (as potpourri)

I haven't done a potpourri update in ages, and since I'm so far behind keeping y'all up-to-date, and since there's been an oversized heap of stuff going on, this update will be an unorganized "je ne sais quoi" of training and family goodness.

  • I am finally seeing the doctor tomorrow about my knee.  The swelling has not returned, thankfully, at least not like it first presented.  There's a bit of swelling still, but the main concern is the "bump" in the middle of the kneecap, which to me indicates there's something up with that patellar ligament.
  • I'm biking to the doctor's office tomorrow.  Hoping that's a "good" idea.
  • After a week off, I've been back at training, but at a reduced volume.  A combination of worry about the knee and supremely deep fatigue has taken over for the most part.  While I hesitate strongly to back off with only 7 weeks to go, I felt it best to listen to my body this time around and hopefully avoid an injury or illness.
  • Having said that, I still ran the 10k portion of the Canada Day in Kanata races.  And to get extra time in, I ran to the race - short of the 2h30 I was scheduled to do, I did get about 1h45 which is a whole lot better than nothing.
  • Even with the large drop in volume last week, Sunday's running was very tough.  I felt empty right from the start, and there was no strength.  I kept telling myself "It won't be any easier in Mont Tremblant" and while that didn't make it easier, it did keep me going.  As the morning went on, the wind stopped and the heat came out - hard.  I didn't realize just how bad it was until I finally crossed the line.  I was tipsy trying to find some shade, and I alone went through 4 bottles of chocolate milk.
  • My wife is awesome.  She found me right away at the race, and had what seemed like 100lbs of gear in a backpack to take care of me and my daughter at the race - water, food, change of clothes, you name it she was prepared.  Best coach ever.
  • My daughter raced on Sunday as well - the 1k fun run.  And she paced herself very well, running the 1k in about 6min30.  I think she dropped 2-3min off her time from last year.  And seeing her at the end, I'm sure she still had a lot in the tank!
  • Looking up my daughter's time made me realize that I've been running and doing tris for over 10yrs now.  The first race I signed up for was in May 2003.
  • Looking up my daughter's time made me look at her other times (she's done 4 races now).  In her first one, a 2k in Smiths Falls, she was first in her category!  And I JUST found that out!
  • The rest of our Canada Day was spectacular.  We went for a bike ride along an old railway bed and found a chunk of wetland full of wildlife - turtles, frogs, fix, tadpoles, birds - you name it!  We spent a lot of time watching all the critters, and even got to see an endangered spotted turtle.
  • My daughter has started a kid's triathlon group called Storm Troopers.  She's so excited and really seems to enjoy it - hopefully that won't change.  Swim and pacing need work, but it'll come along just fine, I'm sure.
  • After missing Saturday's 5hr ride, I haven't ridden my race bike in two weeks.
  • For this weekend, I'm trying to determine what to do - bike and brick, or the long ride/run that I sorta missed from last weekend.  Not sure what'll be more important.
  • In a similar vein, this week is supposed to be longer threshold runs.  I'm very tempted to replace that with hill work to prepare for Mont Tremblant, like I did last week.  Not sure what would be best to do here as well.
Hmmm...is that it?  Did I forget anything?

Yeah, probably.  :D

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