Tuesday, 12 June 2012

This may be the toughest week yet

This is going to be one hell of week, and it will take all I have to be successful on all fronts.

And it is not caused by the training plan.

A big chunk of life is happening all at once, it seems.  My daughter's birthday, the preparations, two other birthday parties, a sleepover (my daughter's first ever), appointments, work, swim lessons, and probably some other things I forgot.  Yes, that's family life, and I am not complaining.  In fact, making that list is helping me to remember what I need to do.

But all these items being the largest training challenge yet - fitting in as much of the planned 13hrs as possible, and selecting the key workouts to not miss.  The hardest thing do me in this regard is determining what is "key" for me:  speed work or slower volume?  Hills or threshold intervals?

This is where I always struggle.  Especially on the volume front - to do a marathon you need to go long.  But in the past, not doing enough hill and speed work has come back to haunt me too.  So has the opposite situation.  But here is what I do know.  I am happy with my swim at his point.  My bike is stronger than my run, but it still needs some better power output.  My run has always concerned me, and is my weakest element.  And thanks to friends, a lovely wife and Father's Day, I will get a long-ish ride on Sunday, even if it is under the planned 4.5hrs.

Now, looking at all those details, the key workouts become:
  • run intervals (hills or threshold)
  • bike power
  • general run volume
and because I forgot my swim gear today
  • swim strength on Thursday.

Now the planning, which will have to be much more flexible.  I know Saturday is not available for my daughter's party (she's already 8?!?), her friend's party, and the sleepover, but even with the party prep work, mornings and evenings are mostly free this week.  My Spinervals DVDs can provide a solid, highly effective bike session, even with just an hour available - there's Time Saver #1. And a good run interval set is easily achieved as long as I hit the intensities right - Time Saver #2.  What won't happen, most likely, is the long run.  But I could probably get an hour in Sunday sometime after the ride.

So maybe this week won't be so hard after all.  Well, except for the fact that my daughter keeps getting older.  :)

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