Monday, 25 June 2012

This knee better be ready - Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant

In the middle of my pity party for my knee, Warren invited me up to see the 70.3 race at Mont Tremblant yesterday.  I wasn't going to go, but my wife correctly pointed out that I would get a lot of helpful information about the area.  As always, she was more than right.

We got there just as the lead swimmers were coming out of the water...except the traffic leading in was insane.  The crews were very good at sectioning the roads, so I didn't mind.  By the time we hot to the race area, the last few swimmers were just heading out for the bike.
We wandered through the Village and I was rather impressed.  I hadn't been there before so it was all new to me.  Very scenic, and it is easy to see why it is a world-class resort area.  I love the gondolas everywhere that take people around the Village.

I have had a great deal of remorse and regret lately.  The injured knee, the costs, the time away training.  It has been feeling like I have blown away a lot of family time and money for just this race.  With 8 weeks left, and the last 5 days doing nothing but nurse this knee, I was wishing I hadn't signed up for this.  Frankly, I still wish that today.  Even though my family is so supportive in all this, I know it is a large sacrifice for them too, and I can't help but feel apologetic for that.  Yes, I have been full of doubt.

This trip didn't get rid of that, but it sure reminded me why I am doing this, and why my family is supporting me so hard.  There were tears in my eyes the whole time I was there.  It became real.  Really real.  In 8 weeks I would be swimming that very lake, hitting that very transition area.  Running down that very chute right through the centre of town.

It is true what they say - watch an Ironman race finish, and you will want to do one.
It was such an enjoyable daytrip and I was reminded of so much.  It will be a great day, an amazing day, in a wonderful village that is so on-board with the event.  Lots to see and do for the whole family, no one will be bored for the entire day.  It will be an amazing day.
As long as this knee is okay... needs to be.  I gave crossed so many lines to get this far that the goal line is in sight.


Jon said...

Glad you got to stop by and see it all. Quite the production, right?

Closet Artist said...

We will be there screaming the loudest and ringing our IM bell the hardest!!!!