Thursday, 21 June 2012

Injury alert!

Boy I hope I'm wrong about this...but I may have slightly injured my knee yesterday.

I biked to work yesterday, and it was hot - 42C with the humidity.  Coming home, I was strong at first, but the heat really took it out of me and I got tired and weak.  I did make it home fine, without heat stress, and I went about my day.

That night, when giving my daughter a bath, I knelt down and felt some pain in my right knee.  When I stood up and looked at it, I had a golf-ball-sized swell in the middle of the kneecap, near the bottom.  Freaked me out - it looked nasty.  But no pain - just felt tight and stiff from the swelling.

After a bunch of elevating it and icing it, the swelling is down today, but there's a bit of an achiness in it now. I probably shouldn't have done it, but I started researching the Internet to see what might be.  That's always a mistake, 'cause you automatically think you've got the plague or cancer or something crazy like that.

So to hopefully avoid anything, today's a rest/recovery day.  No training.  No exercise.  And for the next few days, no hills, no sprints, no strength work.  It's all going to be low-intensity aerobic efforts...and only if the knee allows it.

I'll see what happens today, but I suspect I'll be visiting the doctor and/or physio about this.  I've already reached out to my swim coach to get his thoughts, and I expect he'll respond with an appointment with his physiotherapist.

Less than 9 weeks away from Ironman Mont Tremblant and this happens.  I'm rather worried about this, and hope all's well here.  I'd rather miss a few days of training than the entire race...fingers crossed.

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