Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"I think you broke our daughter"

That's what my wife told me on Sunday.  But before you go calling Child Protective Services, you need the full story.

This year, my daughter has really progressed in many ways, including swimming and biking.  She almost has a front crawl down, and backstroke is nearly second nature to her.  In terms of biking, she can rather easily ride her two-wheeler now.  Her pride really shines through.

But even before this, she always wants to go with me on my training "excursions" - both bike and run.  She doesn't quite appreciate just yet what 35kph is, or how 4hrs on the bike feels, or how running for hours on end isn't quite for her yet.  But she just always wants to come out and be with me.  Now that she can ride her bike, I told her that she could come with me on shorter, easier runs...as long as she didn't leave me in the dust.

On Sunday, I had a 3hr brick to do which ended with a 50min run.  My daughter had just woke up when I was getting ready to run, and she really wanted to join me.  "Quickly eat your breakfast and get dressed, and you can come with me."  That little girl was so excited, and I didn't have to wait long until she was ready to go.  And with that, we headed out on our first ever training session together.

Now I knew that I'd probably have to stop and help her along at times, and I was okay with that.  For as much as I wanted the solid run, I wanted my daughter to enjoy her time out with me and not dread future outings.  We headed through the neighborhood on quiet sidewalks and made it to a pedestrian-only pathway which was perfect for both of us.  Not only was it a quiet, relaxed path, the trees along the way offered some shelter from the sun and heat.  We made it rather easily to the turn-around point, about 4.5km along.

That's when I remembered that we were trending downhill...and had been for quite a while.

I didn't mention it, and just kept encouraging my daughter along, and she was doing great.  We had done some breaks and her mood was still very happy.  But she did start to wear down as we headed back.  Second gear turned to first, and we just kept going until we needed a break.  Then we'd go again.  I was wishing she was capable of standing on the pedals, just so she could help herself out more - but she just kept on grinding it out.  A few more breaks and we made it to the top, the rest of the way being rather flat.

Sadly, my daughter was just as flat.  After a little sit on a bench and a bit of a walk (the little bottom's not quite used to sitting on the saddle that long!) we took a shortcut to get home.  She had a lot of fun with me, but she was rather happy to finally be home.  A drink, some stretching, and a bit to eat, and then she was d-o-n-e.  She found the couch, turned on the television, and didn't move or make a peep for a couple of hours.

My wife's statement made me laugh, like I was the strong, dusty cowboy that finally broke the bucking bronco.  Whether I did or not, it was fun for both of us, and a memory I'll treasure for a long, long time.

But the next outing will be a bit shorter.  :)

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Closet Artist said...

She is SO excited and proud to be out there with you and I predict I will be the water girl for 2 triathletes before long!!!