Saturday, 2 June 2012


Back in the mix this week and I am still solid on the workouts.  Hitting the mark on durations and intensities feels good, knowing that I a banking smart training even when things get tougher.

My swim continues to improve, as does my bike.  But the run, which always has been my weakest point, is starting to struggle again.  My speed is all over the map, my endurance seems inconsistent, and some days just feel horrid.  Like today.

Ran for 2h10 today with a good friend, Peter, who helped distract me for the entire run.  Right off the bat, I was tired, stuff, full of aches and pains.  And thanks to my choices of pizza and Fajita Poutine for nutrition, my stomach was flipping circles throughout.  We were slow, more than usual - the silver lining being the entire run was easily aerobic.  The first hour was manageable, but at the turn-around point, my stomach was protesting.  So we added a couple extra kilometres finding a washroom.  That made the stomach feel better, but the legs were sore.  I managed to suck it up for the next hour, but my pride and confidence took a big hit.

I am hoping this is just a part of the process, that these surprises are due to accumulating load and fatigue.  Or that the 1lb of poutine translates into a 10lb weight difference.  Or that it was just an off day.  I don't know.  And the real answer won't arrive until race day.

All I know is that after today's run, I need to be better than that.


Jon said...

Fajita Poutine?!?! OMG I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!! (till AFTER the race!)

Uh, so, don't eat FAJITA POUTINE before a run?

Keep it going man! 11 weeks!

Jeff Irvin said...

What other types of Poutine is there? The Fajita poutine sounds like the best thing ever!

And yes, the accumulated fatigue is part of the process. From this point forward you begin every workout feeling 75% or less!