Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Week 10 of Tremblant Training begins NOW

Back at it today after a successful Week 9.  I got a lot of biking and running in last week, with the intensities in check and it's feeling rather good.  The introduction of speed and hills sure took it out of me, and I was dragging my butt all week long.  But judging by my long ride and long run, it's paying off.

I switched the run and ride days around, and did my long run early Saturday morning before my wife went to work.  My stomach was feeling iffy last week, so rather than take an interesting run through town and on the trails, I stuck with loops near my house in case I needed to dart home.  My stomach held up fine, but my form and stride were not as smooth as they could have been.  In the end, I completed the 1h50 in the plan, covered about 18k (yeah, I know, that's slow), and confirmed that I need to replace my runners...from last year....

Sunday's ride was great, and it proved that the training is really working for me.  Even with tired legs, I got just over 3hrs in with relative ease, but I do need to carry more food with me.  Near the end, I was falling flat, but still kept the ride solid right to the end.  The Adamo saddle is working great for me - it was nice to finally test it on the road instead of just on the trainer.  92km later, I was pretty proud of the ride, and actually looked forward to the next long one.

Today started with the swim, which I've had a bit of bad luck with lately.  Being a single-car family, I depend on others' help to get rides to the pool.  Things last week didn't work out well for getting to the pool - hey, life happens - but we're back as of today.  My form's been affected a bit, but it'll come back.  I see swimming like golf - there's all these little things to work on to get the swing down.  Bit by bit, it'll come.  Even though I was a little sluggish and choppy today, I still got 2900m in 1h10 and I felt like I worked.  That's what counts.

Tonight is the tougher part with hills on the run.  I don't like hills - they hurt and they are hard.  But I'm going to get them done anyways and not be a whiny little Nancy-girl.  Well, maybe I will be, but I'll still get them done.

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