Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Time to dig

Entering the build phase and I am busy thinking about how to fit it all in.  There is a reasonable step-up in volume this week, and a significant increase in intensity.  I'll be honest - I am intimidated by the training plan.

But this is what it is all about, isn't it?  Adapt, conquer, learn.

The weather is starting to improve again (for now, at least) and I am excited about that.  I think it is time to take the trainer tire off the race bike and introduce it to the outdoors.  Commuting to work by bike needs to pick up, which will save me time in more ways than one.  And to be frank, I have reached the point of hating the "what do I wear outside today" dilemma.  That's weak, I know, but I am Canadian, and whining about the weather is a national pasttime.

This week brings bike speedwork and running hills, and my long efforts are right in line with half iron distances.  I will need to be flexible more than ever, drop the XBox time, and get as much sleep as possible to keep this up.  I think the 4.30am alarm is going to become a good friend of mine.

As for coffee, I need to decrease that.  It's not an issue yet, but I do find I am starting to have more than usual.  Need to get back down to one a day.  Perhaps I can swap coffee with donuts....

I think I have a couple of hills in my neighborhood that will work for The hill repeats.  My lovely wife found one nearby that I never expected to be there.  It should be long enough, but even if it isn't I think it is still my best option.  I just need to stick it - I hate hillwork and in the past I tended to gloss over it.

But for today, it is rest.  I did manage to get the long stuff done this weekend and I want to get ready for what's ahead.  Hopefully its a good office day today.

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