Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Only 3 months to Mont Tremblant! (gulp)

That's right - three months left!  This is Week 13 of 24, and at the half way point I have to sit back, be proud of what I've done so far, and assess the situation.

Looking at that graph, I realize why my wife and the rest of my family think I'm crazy.  The bike distance of 750km is ridiculous, and even more so considering that much of the start of training was done on the trainer (which is time-based work for me).  The common theme for all disciplines, though, is improvement.  Thanks to trusting the training plan, finding my HR zones early, and working with a nationally-accredited swim coach, I've improved across the board.  And thanks to me and my family, I've been very consistent with the workouts, getting all planned workouts in each week, with only a few missed here and there.

Where I'm at right now, I feel like I could get off the couch and pull off a half marathon or a half-iron tri off-the-cuff.  And that's a great feeling.

So far, I'm injury free, and no nagging points that make me think I could be acquiring an injury.

But I am getting tired, and I can't shake it.  I think I've hit the point where I will no longer get a full recovery between workouts, or between days - that's just part of it.  I'm well on the way to hitting maximum fatigue, and hopefully that won't happen until mid-July, when I hit my peak week.  That's still quite a bit off yet.  And knowing this changes my focus somewhat:

  • Watch those intensities!  If it's an easy foundation run, stick to Zones 1 and 2.  Recovery effort between intervals is recovery effort...even if it means walking/costing/stopping for a bit.
  • Don't make up missed workouts.  No need to overload the body more than I'm already doing.  Take it as a strike and focus on what's next.
  • Form, form and more form.  If you can't keep pace, keep form.  You may be tired or slow, but you won't risk an injury.
  • Sleep trumps the XBox.  :(
  • No really, sleep trumps the XBox.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help when it's needed.  We're getting to the point where I might not be able to everything that I usually do in a day.  Don't push it.
  • Stay happy, and remember the priorities:  Family, Work, Training.
I'm proud of where I am right now, and I'm proud of how I got there.  The next three months will be tough - no doubt about that - and I'm going to have to be adaptable, diligent and patient like never before.  Only three more months to go...

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Jon said...

But its going to be an AWESOME 12 weeks! Can't wait for the race! (Well, AFTER I get into Ironman shape!)