Friday, 4 May 2012

Not my smoothest run...

Last night was my easy base run of a modest 45min.  I normally look forward to these easy efforts, but after this week's harder efforts, I wasn't so sure.

Right off the bay everything felt tired, heavy and stuff, like I was running in a lead suit.  It never really went away, but I kept trying to get smoother and keep my heartrate down.  I managed to do both (I think - my Garmin battery went dead) but it was a tough go.  I kept telling myself that I would probably feel like this racing in Mont Tremblant, so get used to it.

I did get the run done well, and I managed to miss the big downpour too, but I am sore now.  The lack of fluidity has created some achey ankles and tight muscles.  I think it is finally time to retire the runners, which have two years of mileage on them, including a marathon.

Tonight is a longer ride, and the weekend brings long efforts which includes a ride with some buddies outdoors.  Should be fun.

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