Saturday, 28 April 2012

Off and on the wagon

Week 8, a recovery week, and it came at just the right time.  Turns out that I have a bit of a bug, just like my daughter does.  My effort and power output were off this wee, and when Wednesday came along I finally realized why.

I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off, and felt much guilt because of that.  I was more concerned with getting hours in, and when that was apparent the guilt left.  I opted for rest and sleep, thinking a few lost hours is better than a lost week.

But today I gave in and got my 2h15 ride in.  It was tough, and I am still on the mend, but it is done.  Other than a but of tippiness I am good.

Now the rest of the day is easy and laid back, fighting this bug and getting ready for tomorrow's brick.

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