Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nailed it

Finally had things click in the pool today.  The last few sessions gave been tough and trying, and form suffered as a result.  I have felt like I was floundering and flopping, wasting energy at every moment.  My mental "strength" is what hot me through it, knowing the iron swim won't be any easier.

But today was different.  Today I didn't try to keep up to the Speedy's.  I didn't throw away form and pace to aim for bigger mileage.  I held proper form and adjusted my expectations accordingly.  And that worked.

The set today was steady volume.  Varying distances and intensity with short rest periods.  Basically it was almost nonstop swimming for the entire session.  Maintaining proper form, the swim was "comfortably" difficult, and after 3200m I could have easily kept going if we had the time.  That's a nice confidence booster - knowing that right now I could do the iron swim.

Good inventive to keep on going.

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