Monday, 9 April 2012

Getting ready for Week 6

Last week felt like a big week, and I'm sitting now trying to recover as much as possible.  My legs feel rather torn up after Saturday's 2h45 ride and yesterday's 1h40 run - both of which were completed in good form.  But I suspect that yesterday's relentless feast of Easter goodies is making the legs feel it more today, since they have to support an extra 20lbs of ham, potatoes, squares and chocolates.  They say it takes 24hrs for food to go through the GI tract, so I should be feeling better tomorrow.  ;)

I'm rather stiff and tight from yesterday's run, which ended up being about 20min longer than it should have (gotta read the plan correctly), but I felt pretty good throughout.  I took a route that had some reasonable altitude changes and my form and stride felt good.  The HR stayed in a good range, and I wasn't dreading the run at all.

Saturday's ride was pretty much the full "Tough Love" Spinervals DVD where they state that the 3hr video " worth 4hrs on the road."  I believe it.  You're not just riding along catching the downhills, staying at the same cadence and HR.  The entire DVD is long sets where something changes every minute - gearing, cadence, sit/stand.  You don't have time to get bored because in just a few seconds it's changing again.  The entire time you're mixing it up, hitting all muscle fibers and floating your HR through Z2/Z3.  It's a great video, possibly my favorite one I own, and it's nothing but a high quality workout.  I felt good through most of the video, but the last 20min were getting pretty damned tough.  Might have been a calorie issue, since I only had sports drink with me that time.

Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be the strength days, with bike hills and run sprints in the plan on those days.  I'm always surprised at just how weak I am in these areas, and how long it takes to recover from them.    The thoughts of the "hills" at Mont Tremblant motivate me to push through and suck it up, and I'm teaching my daughter to walk on my legs and use the percussion massager to loosen me up after.  She pretends she's a tightrope walker, and I get a free sports massage - it's win-win.

I hit all 8 workouts last week, and I'm hoping for the same this week.  The weekend work is smaller this time - a 90min brick and a 1hr run - but the midweek stuff is harder and higher intensity.  Just have to stay healthy, eat well, sleep well, and stay adaptable.  I'm certain I can do it...again.

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