Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Starting the week off...

...with blanks. So far this week has been a bit of crap and bad luck. This had better change soon or I will be nothing but a bitter crank all week.

Yesterday, my first bus was horribly late getting to my connection, which I missed. I had to race to the light rail and ride it to my only other alternative for a connection. On the light rail, I realized I hadn't missed the bus at all - my (analog) watch died and showed me a time one hour earlier. If that wasn't enough, my "alternative" didn't show for nearly 30min. That lead to a 2h15 commute time to start the work week.

Last night I was fortunate enough to learn last minute that there was no swimming this week because of March Break. I set my alarm for the early workout anyways, looking to get a power set on the bike done. Somehow I managed to set the alarm wrong and slept until 6:30 today, leading to a near frenzy to make my bus...

...which I am on right now. Somehow I made it and got everything done too. Here's to hoping for a better day today.

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JohnP said...

Use the force. Tempt you, the darkside will.

I ain't your father though so don't get your hopes up.