Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New beginnings and a new countdown

This has become a big adventure week for me.  Started a new job and started the formal training plan for Ironman Mont Tremblant.  New bus routes, new technologies, new schedules, new challenges.  2012 is shaping up to be quite a year.

The new job is completely different from my old one, and I am out of my comfort zone a bit.  After banging out code and fixing bugs like a monster for the last few years, figuring out a new system from scratch feels rather foreign.  It's fun though, and makes me think in new ways - and that's good.  I have my security pass and codes for the bike lockup (called the Cage) but still searching for shower options nearby.  For now, the mens washroom will suffice when I need it.

Training is off to a good start, mind you only two days are done.  A solid swim near 4k and two bike trainer sessions are done.  Trying really hard to set this week in motion by not missing a planned workout.  Feeling tired already, but I think its the adjustment to 4.30am alarms from late night XBox attacks.  Why I bought that thing before training started is beyond me.  :)

One thing that was harder than I expected was leaving the crew at my old workplace.  The amazing show of support from everyone (well, excluding one person in particular) was a total surprise.  People openly thanked me for my efforts and attributed some of their successes to my time with them - never expected that.  I was touched by these people and their gratitude and I am happy I could be such a positive part of their professional lives.  I certainly hope to cross paths with them again, and will do my best to keep in touch.

For many weeks I gave been counting down to March 5 to prepare for the start of my training plan.  That day has come and gone much quicker than I could imagine.  But with that comes a new countdown that may pass by even faster - 24 weeks to August 19 and my first Ironman.  Nearly at the midpoint of Week 1, the target is in sight.  This will challenge me on many levels, and I hope I am ready for it. Well, its not like I have a choice.

More later, even though I wish I had more now.  Only half way through the bus commute....


JohnP said...

wow almost overwhelming amount of change - keep on top of it, it gets tougher to keep positive and well tempered as you get more tired in training. I've learned to just smile and nod when I get snappy. OK, maybe I haven't but I really do mean to lol

Farhang said...

Keep going !