Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's working so far.

I'm on week 4 now, which is a recovery week, and already I can feel things changing.  The focus on heart rate, intensity and persistence is paying dividends already as my aerobic base improves.  The increase in speed may be small, but I can feel my body wanting more strength to match the improved endurance - right where I should be at this point.

I am averaging 8 workouts a week now, with last week's total at 8 hours.  For now I am skipping a 3rd swim each week since that isn't a limitter for me, and I am hitting roughly 3200m each swim already.  I need to improve endurance and strength on the bike and run far more than swim volume.  Next week the plan introduces hill work which will start the strength track, and I have to be diligent with that.  Knowing the course details at Mont Tremblant, hill work is essential.

Ottawa weather has changed again, and we are now back in spring mode.  The blast of summer we had last week spoiled me horibbly and the bike commuting has ended for now.  It's cool, wet and dreary once again.  Not bad for runs, at least.  But I do miss the short ride to work.

Speaking of work, I am still trying to find my groove, some solid footing.  Need more patience, I think, since I have only been there for 3 weeks now.  But the (my?) pressure is high given my level.  Fingers crossed.

That's it for now.  Still got a ways to go on the bus...maybe catch a few sleeps.

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JohnP said...

Dont fret that third swim - you can throw in some OWS when things warm up. Bring the family to the beach on the weekends ;)

Actually i've never done 3 swims a week. Only ever 2 x 3000m swims. Do that continuously and you'll have a great swim!

I didn't jump the gun and commute yet, I didn't want to be disappointed with the return of cold weatehr. Next warm spike though - I'm gonna try to commute!

Glad to hear you're seeing improvements! Keep at it! Don't fret speed - it's there, but dont go touching it. Not worth the risk of injury! Just trust that it's there...