Monday, 13 February 2012

Two more weeks...

That is all that's left until the start of 24 weeks of Ironman training. Two short weeks that will fly by faster than before. March 5 starts the official countdown...and recently it has acquired another key title as well, but more on that in a few days.

Troy Jacobsen's Super 6 plan is now done, and it turns out that was only Phase 1. Phase 2 starts today, and since it is free I decided to sign up for it, even though I am only doing part of it. This and swimming will be enough motivation to keep working on base leading up to March 5.

The hard part recently is all the stuff going on personally in my life. Nothing too abnormal but a lot of it (well, it feels like a lot). The stress has been oozing out all weekend and what's left behind is fatigue. I am always reminded of how poorly I deal with stress - just one more thing to work on. But all of thus is good, and the outcomes are more than I could have imagined.

An easy spin tonight, a swim and run tomorrow, and more of the same through the rest of the week. For all of you doing Ironman Mont Tremblant, you may want to consider the same.

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Matty O said...

and the balancing act has begun. Honestly, training is much harder than race day.

Do your best to get through it all and preferably in one piece :)

Enjoy the journey !