Tuesday, 28 February 2012

T-minus 1 week...for many things

This is a big week for me.  The last week at my current employer, one week until I start my new job, one week until my training plan for Ironman Mont Tremblant begins.  So many emotions going through my mind lately and I am both impatient for things to begin, and sad to see the comfortable routine end.

Training has been low lately as I deal with personal items such as this job change.  I am not complaining here - I brought this on myself.  This week will be the one that sees me return to the pool, and more consistent base work.  It also signals the end of lunchtime runs and runs along the Rideau Canal - my new workplace is in a more industrial setting and there is no shower in the building.  I will become a "fan" of early mornings and late nights to reach my goals.  

Odds are I will be a mixed bag of emotions all week.  The excitement of a new job with amazing opportunity, the "loss" of a great team to work with, the loss of stress and anxiety of a certain few, a shorter commute by bike (good and bad), a change in routine.  I must admit, though, that the sum of all this, including the overhead and stress of the job hunt is overwhelmingly positive.

I read somewhere a phrase something like "Celebrate each ending for they are always followed by new beginnings."  I like that.

I know there will be a number of things I need to change and adjust to with this new role, and normally I don't like that.  But being locked down and committed to an Ironman makes me realize its all in my head.  I am going to do something so "outrageous" (say my colleagues) that these changes in life are quite minor, perhaps even minuscule.  And if I remember that, I will transition with ease.

Perhaps the biggest impact of my new job will be to my family.  I never realized just how much emotional baggage I brought home.  Horrible. I am pissed that I brought it home, and I am pissed at the cause of it.  There is no need for that in the workplace.  I will be glad to rid my family of the parasitic environment and hit the reset button.

This is my twilight week.  Be proud of accomplishments, be glad to work with great professionals, revel in what awaits, enjoy the calm, and celebrate the new beginning yet to come.

In one week's time, I start the last chapter of my story to my first Ironman.

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