Thursday, 19 January 2012

T-minus 7 months to Ironman Mont Tremblant!

Time flies when you are having fun! I cannot believe we are down to only 7 months now. A bit more than a month and the real training starts!

The main training plan for me starts March 5 if I remember correctly. To try to boost my base I have been doing Troy Jacobson's Super 6 plan which ends in about 3 weeks. I haven't followed it to the letter but fairly closely - I am allowing the swim to replace some if the workouts, and some of the rides have been a bit shorter than prescribed. But overall things are improving nicely. My bike endurance is increasing, my swim is taking shape quite well, and my heart rate seems to have dropped a bit already. I am actually getting used to waking around 5am and consider it a luxury to sleep to 6 or 6:30.

I am still a bit concerned about my running, not some much in ability but in ability to improve. I have tried to get good quality base runs in, but find I hit my lactate threshold early on and tend to run zone 3/4 a lot. Hitting zone 2 in the run is tough for me. I am still talking with my swim coach about some run coaching too and should get more details on that soon. Hopefully time and money will allow that coaching to occur too, because if it's anything like the swim coaching I am getting, I will drop a pile of time in a race. :)

One recent wrinkle for the run is the weather. We gave had a very easy winter so far and now we have to pay our dues. It has been much colder - I am okay with that - and we got a pile of freezing rain...twice. That is the part I hate. The most recent rain and snow mix left and inch-thick crust on everything. Some was slippery, and some was not. Every step is like a toss of the dice! It seems better out today so I may try a short run, and hopefully the crews have been generous with the salt and gravel. Fingers crossed!

I am feeling quite positive so far this year, and I am looking forward to this journey we are on towards race day. It's time to book the vacation days (praying my wife can get the time off) and call to confirm the hotel booking (don't need that kind of headache on race week). I will gave to get my bike in for a checkup since I haven't done that in the three years I have owned it, and double check the stick of bottles, gel and protein powder.

We are getting close! Should be a fun ride.

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JohnP said...

just run slower on the slippery days. a slow careful jog is better than nothing at all!