Saturday, 7 January 2012

Better zones, better workout

After determining better estimates for my lactate threshold, I did my first bike workout with that new information.  It was a bigger effort today, even if I didn't get up early enough for the full 2h20 of Spinervals 30.0, I still got 1h45 in.

And let me tell you, it was a LOT harder with the new HR zones defined.  I was a little shocked at how different everything felt, but pumped at the same time when I realized that there's still a lot of room for improvement - even at 40.

The goal of the workout was intervals at Zone 3 - aerobic endurance, where your body's flirting with muscle breakdown to make enough energy to keep going.  This is the "grey zone" where you don't want to be training too often, but once in a while it's okay.

Well today it was so hard to get into Z3!  I really, REALLY had to push it all along to get there - I was so surprised at the difference.  I was sweating buckets, and my legs were pumped and tired pretty early into the workout.  I could feel the strength getting removed from me, and looked forward the strength building up once I recovered.

The other workout for today is a 30min run which might not happen thanks to the freezing rain that's been pelting us on and off today.  I'd love to get an easy run in, but I won't risk an ankle for it.  The weather forecast is showing some much colder weather coming along, and while I like things warmer, you can always run when it's that cold - even when it's REALLY cold.

Or maybe I'll just hide at home and do a BodyRock workout...or finish painting the workout room...or spend time with the family.  Perhaps I'll play things by ear today.  ;)

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