Thursday, 17 November 2011

T-Minus 9 months, 2 days

I can't believe that we're down to just a wee bit more than 9 months until Ironman Mont Tremblant.  That leaves me 3 months and 2 days until the formal training plan begins.  That's not a lot!

The nesting is continuing, but not as much.  My first shot at tile setting in a kitchen has gone very well, and I'll be trying to finish the rest this weekend.  I must say, I've done a great job and it looks great.  And I'm quite relieved by that 'cause I would hate to not have it done well.  Once that's done, I'll probably move on to painting the trim and maybe the workout room, but the Christmas lights need to get up soon too.  (I've hung Christmas lights when it was -20C, and I'll never make that mistake again!)

The weather in Ottawa has been amazing, well above freezing.  Lawns are still lush and green, and that's made it more enjoyable to get out for runs...even to get out the door at 5.30am for the swims.  That's also the reason that I have yet to get on the bike trainer this fall.

And even though that little BuckeyeOutdoors widget on my blog shows nothing, I have been doing some training.  While I'm doing that, I'm trying out TrainingPeaks for a log thanks to my swim coach, Greg, having a coach account.  He's been a great coach for the swim, and even not considering him for other services, I'm open to any input he might provide on my progress.  He's got serious value - just look at how well his team is doing lately.  And if I can get some of that insight, I'll improve.

Training lately has been limited to swimming 3hrs a week, and 2-3hrs of running a week.  Better than nothing.  But I need to incorporate the bike again, and add stretching and strength.  And hopefully I can improve upon that within the next 3 months, 2 days.  :)

I do think I need some new shoes, though.  I've had these runners since last year, and I ran the marathon in them this year too.  I'm noticing that my runs on swim days are leaving me a bit sore.  So either I need new shoes, or I need drop some weight and HTFU.

Speaking of needs, Christmas is getting near and I need to make a list.  This is always so tough, but here's a few ideas.

  • Garmin Forerunner 305 OR a new monitor strap for my Polar S625X (the latter is much cheaper).
  • Pretty much anything from Hammer Nutrition.
  • New swim jammers (Speedo Endurance, of course), or I'll be showing more than my form in the water.
  • New water bottles for the bike (not the tall ones - they eject easily).
  • Need For Speed "The Run" for Wii (or the XBox version...with an XBox).
  • A pair of skates for everyone in my family so we can enjoy the Rideau Canal.
  • A fresh, finely-ground pound of Starbucks coffee.


Caratunk Girl said...

275 days to be exact!!!


See you there!

JohnP said...

Get to the start of your training plan as fit as possible - makes life soooo much more easier when the heavy stuff arrives!

Andrew Opala said...

does the 305 work under water?