Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Crazy days

It feels like this year won't let up for us. Yesterday I guess I pushed my luck too long and my battery died in the car. I though I had gotten away with it for another day - I went swimming in the morning and while it was a slow start the battery did just fine. But when my wife went to take The Wee to school and herself to work, no such luck.

What made this worse was my phone. I bought a used Motorola phone and for some reason when you charge it, it decides to change your ring tone. Well I was charging my phone the night before, and popped it in my pocket after swimming. My wife was calling me during my morning commute but I was completely unaware - the ring tone was changed to "Silent" during the charge cycle! An unhappy voicemail was waiting when I got to my office.

And of course, all this happens when we have all sorts of activities that day. So off to the car rental place again. I just dropped it off - $40 to travel 3km. But we needed it.

The day at the office was just as crazy and unpredictable. I was beat, and kind of panicked with all the craziness of the day.

Then we got to see my daughter at her school's open house. She was one of the few Grade 2s participating and she was so excited. She was involved with the French group which did a game-show stour presentation through the night. I was completely blown away by this - neither my wife nor I are proficient at all in French so she got here on her own. She did so well, and we were so proud of her. Even her teachers applauded her for getting in there with the older kids who knew far more than she did. So proud.

And seeing that made it all worth while. We get so caught up in the negatives, and we let our emotions spiral away instead of remaining calm and seeing the good things. I asked myself yesterday "why is this so hard?" I think the answer is "because I make it that way". Looking back now, I needed to take one step back, get a better view of the situation, and move on. And remember that everything we do is for either yourself, or your loved ones. Everything else becomes the means to the end.

Oh, and just remember that you remove the NEGATIVE terminal of the battery first. :)

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