Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Where dies the time go?!?

I am finding that the older you get, the faster time flies by. And there is a corollary to this as well - each kid you have makes that time go by even faster.

But thankfully it is a good busy. House and home is still good and we continue to make improvements here and there as time...er, cash permit. My wife is doing well after surgery (which is one less thing to worry about). And my daughter continues to amaze us. She broke through a bit of a mental barrier in swimming lessons this weekend which was terrific to see - another very proud daddy moment. Another bonus this weekend was that we had good friends over for brunch and we had a blast.

On the training front, it is good. I am trying to not get caught up in big volume or worrying about missed workouts. It is fall, and there are some other things being made a higher priority, but I still find it hard to not get all worried that I missed a 30min run. Weekly I have been averaging 5-6hrs of activity a week, which should be more than enough to hold some strength and endurance. I would like to add some BodyRock and yoga in there, though. Something else to work on.

As for those other priorities I mentioned, they deal with the kitchen. I am trying to redo the backsplash tile, which is currently adhered to drywall - that will be a bit if a task just to keep the paper intact as much as possible. Then we decided to change the countertop as well, after finding an attractive and cheap option at Ikea - one plank of butcherblock, two cuts, and we're done there. Total cost on that is only about $200 and I am excited to see the result!

But then Ikea hit us again and we are considering new cabinets as well now. The prices are very reasonable, and we could do our entire kitchen (excluding the island) for much much less than from Lowes or Home Depot. And given the state the previous owners left it in, the kitchen could use a facelift. If we do go with this, it will be piecemeal, buying one or two pieces a paycheck. But that's okay - it still gets done.

In the sad news column, I have decided to put my Felt S22 back on the trainer for the season. Ottawa has been cold, wet and windy lately, and I don't feel like getting my race bike massively dirty. I will bring it in this week, clean it up, and put the trainer tire back on. In one way, I hate that 'cause it is always more fun on the road, but the positive side is that it will be easier and quicker to ride now - no need to wait for sunlight, or wonder what to wear for the weather. Just go.

And because I am not busy enough, I am thinking of painting and reorganizing the workout room. I am thinking that I will be spending a fair bit of time there this year, so I might as well make it "nice" and "comfy" - never thought I would say that about a workout area.

Well, time does fly! My bus ride is nearing the end. Hopefully time flies just as fast at the office. :)

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Closet Artist said...

Ooh a workout room makeover? That just means one thing-a road trip to Homesense!!! lol