Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Status Quo

For some reason I just haven't made the time to post on this blog. Or call my parents. Or cut the grass. Or much of anything really. But I am on the bus this morning and I cannot sleep, so with an hour to kill, I thought I would finally post an update.

What has been keeping me so busy? Well work as always but a bit more lately. The usual home stuff. The usual parent stuff. Our most recent bit of activity was our fridge that suddenly died on Monday without warning - wasn't expecting that.  Made me and my credit card cry (again).

Outside of that though, the base training is going along. I am not getting done as much as I would like, and I keep waiting for things to settle down but I need to just do it. Like Nike ads say - "Someone busier than you is running right now" - I need to tale that to heart.

Swimming is going well and I am enjoying the workouts being put up. Greg is a good coach and he is putting us to the test with focused sets. And I love that it is all tri-specific. Scott and Kim, an age-grouper that kicked ass in Beijing for the world age-group championships, are putting me to task in the water. I wish I could hold on better, but rather than trying harder, I try smarter and focus on solid form. It'll come. It has to - we are averaging over 3000m each session!

Cycling is at a standstill lately. I got one ride in last week with Scott and it was windy and cold - right near freezing. That was a shock to the system, but I was dressed almost perfectly for it. My bike fitness is still there but I need strength and stamina beyond aerobic intensity - that is this winter's goal. My Felt S22 is on the trainer already with a new front dérailleur cable (finally installed!) ready to go for some hard sets. I might bring it out this weekend for a ride or two, though, as our forecast looks summerish.

Running is there but not as much as I would like. To help with that, I am doing a sprint tri plan through to December to build base and strength. I just need to commit more and do the workouts "at all costs" - well not quite, but you know what I mean.

Strength work is nonexistent and I kick myself for this. Pushups, situps, and BodyRock workouts have only been put to paper for the last few weeks. I need to get this going to prepare for Mont Tremblant. The whole race is ups and downs, with the HR and lactate spiking up and down. I will need strength and lots of high intensity intervals to be properly prepared for that stuff.

But for now, things are good and I am happy. My wife is slowly getting back to work after her surgery, my daughter is doing well in school and loving her extracurricular activities, and we are doing fine.

And amongst all that, I still have time to play Call of Duty. :)

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