Thursday, 8 September 2011

Slayer of Frogs

No, I haven't posted much lately and yes I'm rather busy.  Training's been going well, thanks, but this week's tougher on that given the latest panic at work.

But I do have time for a story, and perhaps a new title for me.

Last week I headed out for a longer ride with some buddies, and a couple of new gents that joined us for our trip through Carp, Dunrobin and north Kanata.  It was a cool, very damp and humid morning and there was evidence of wildlife everywhere - porcupines, squirrels, deer, and frogs.  Lots of frogs.  I mean friggin' piles of frogs - most hoping merrily across the road, with a few pressed into the pavement from hopping at the wrong time.  We spent a fair bit of time dodging them when we started out, and then >poof< they were gone.

Nearing the end of the ride, at about the 2h15 mark, Warren and I noticed something out of the corner of our eyes.  It was coming from my bike (my Felt S22, on which we where holding 37kph up Dunrobin - too fun) and it was about 6" long.  It was a frog.  But it wasn't in good shape.

To set the picture correctly, take a good-sized frog, make it stand on its rear legs, and extend it's right arm up as if it were waving really high.  Got it?  Great!  Now paste that waving hand onto the downtube of my bike, about 3" above the bottom bracket.  Then take it's intestines out and string them up the downtube.  And for the final touch, take some random blob of guts and stick it on the back of the forks.

That's how my riding companion "enjoyed" my 2h ride.

So now at home I have another informal title that is occasionally shared - that of Slayer of Frogs.

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CouplaHounds said...

Can't believe you didn't take a CENSORED pic!!