Saturday, 6 August 2011

Trying to get out of the starting blocks

What a summer this is turning into! While I like to keep busy I like to get some breathing room too! But with August here already, it is time to make different choices and start prepping for Ironman Mont Tremblant.

My big project at work has met it's first major deadline, which took an awful lot of extra time but I am proud of what was produced. Unfortunately we still have at least another month of heavy workload before it is fully done...and two weeks to deliver it. I have already decided that I will be making better choices for me through this, rather than putting nearly all my energy into work like I did in July.

This week I was ready to go and get back to training, with my near-term strategy being a lot of a little - shorter sessions with a higher frequency, like 6-8 workouts per week of no more than 1hr each. I biked to work once this week and it felt so damned difficult and I felt pukey the whole time. That night a cold settled in and as usual I got cranky about not feeling 100%. I am certain that is a trait common to most males.

Today I do feel better, and I am trying to be patient. There is always next week, but I am tired of making excuses. Surprising, I know.

I'm read to get started...again. I'm ready to get healthy, eat better, tone up, get stronger. I'm ready to do BodyRock workouts with my wife. I'm ready to get back riding in Gatineau Park again. I'm ready to find my run again (especially after reading Born To Run - what a great read!). I'm ready to get ready.

While I'd usually get all mopey and upset at having to start yet again, I'm not that way now. Perhaps being 40 will make you more patient, but right now all I can do is try to start again. And that is what I'll do. And to start, I'll make a plan tonight, and next week I will work towards it.

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