Friday, 26 August 2011

The training must be working...

...because my legs are dead flat today! I didn't follow what I had hoped (see my last post), but I got some solid running and cycling in. And today, it all added up to me feeling flat.

Well, not at first. This morning we headed out to Gatineau Park again, and aimed for the usual loop of 35k. I felt flat, but once I started moving, I felt pretty good. I started grinding up the hills, and trying to overtake some smaller ones. Felt good. I even powered up the Lac Pink hill better than usual. But then that was about it - the tank was empty! I still kept grinding along, suffering the whole way, and getting about as close to puking as I ever have (which, really, wasn't that close, but still). Anyways, once I got over feeling sorry for myself, I just kept grinding along and pushed as hard as I could to catch Ben (that bastard is fast). And in the end, I finished with very shaky legs.

Biking to work after that was rather difficult, and I was proud of feeling like that. I pushed myself harder than usual, kept myself uncomfortable for longer than I like to, and got the legs worn right out. Biking home was as much of a chore, even after sitting in my office for 8hrs. I got nearly 3hrs of riding today, 90min of that in very hilly terrain, and that's like putting money in the bank.

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Ironman By Thirty said...

Awesome. Such a good feeling to push yourself to the limit.