Wednesday, 31 August 2011

That training is still working

After last week's training, which was heavy on the bike, we added a bit more to it on Sunday with a great 3hr ride.  Scott, Ben, Warren and I headed out in rural Ontario on a cool, windy day.  We were hoping we'd get lucky and avoid the rains (Hurricane Irene was heading north when we headed out), so we started early in the morning.  And even with the stiff wind, it ended up being a great ride.

Good ol' Scott reeled us back to make sure that we stayed in the base intensity, and we just headed out.  I wanted more, so I kept myself up in front and played mule pulling the guys along.  But seriously, I don't mind pulling the lead - I guess I keep thinking that when I'm out there racing I can't draft anyways.  We rode as a group with very, very little traffic the entire time.  Out past Carp, Kinburn, Antrim, got close to Arnprior, and headed back through South March and Dunrobin.  Fantastic - I felt solid...for the most part. On the flats it was easy, with my HR below 140bpm.  But the hills downed me, and I had to resort to much lower gears than I'd prefer.  Don't like it, but that's where I am - so I've got lots of strength work to do this winter.

And near the end of the ride, as I'm in the aerobars I feel something trying to prick my finger - my front shift cable is fraying.  Shifting the chainrings is TOUGH and I can feel the cable binding.  Heading towards the last big hill, I hope and pray I can get on the small chainring - someone heard me and down it went!  I struggled up that hill, got my breath back and tried to shift back to the big chainring...which took about 5min to do.  :D  Finally I got it, and we headed down Sixth Line on the final journey home.

That's when we hit the road closure.

At the south end of Sixth Line, it was closed for a race - a kids triathlon.  It was very cool to see kids as young as 6 or 7 doing the tri.  Some kids had bikes that were too big, some were on their daily rides, but they were all working hard.

"Go ahead guys, but just don't pass them too fast."  That's what I heard from one of the race officials.  They let us go, and we were flying along, really paying attention to where the kids were - I really didn't want to pass them on my $2000 bike.  Thankfully we were far enough back that we didn't have to pass anyone.  But it was awesome to see those kids workin'!

It was a very good ride.  Very good, very effective.

Very tired.

Monday I felt like I had to get out, and I did a very easy 30min run - except it didn't really feel easy.  But it did loosen me up a bit.  Tuesday I took off which is something I needed.  The 9hrs of training last week wasn't exactly a 10% increase from the week before and my body wasn't quite ready for all that.  :D  But you know, I took it well.  Feels good.

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