Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Now it is a matter of keeping some momentum. I ran 10k on Monday with a good friend of mine and we ran it slowly - just how I wanted to. And it was a good thing my friend was with me because I was having a tough time. I have been away from consistent running for a long time and you could tell. Even with the residual chest and head cold affecting me, I have lost a lot of fitness. Very frustrating, but understandable given what I've been doing lately.

So I am back at square one. Even after running a marathon in the spring, I am like a new runner again. That is frustrating for me. All that time and effort invested and I didn't carry it along. And it was all my choice.

This choice stuff is a pain in the ass. It would be much easier if I didn't need to make choices. But such is life, and even with choices made, others can be made too. And thankfully I haven't lost sight of that.

I am always brought back to recent wisdom of Chuckie V. I see better than ever that an excuse is the result of a choice. Make a different choice and you have no need for that excuse. If you can't make that change, you can make a choice that works on removing that excuse in the future. That is where I am now. My choice is to pull up my run training and bike training for the fall - the swim focus will come later. That is it - it is that simple.

So later today, rain or shine, hell or high water, fast or slow, I will be out today for a run. That is my choice.

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