Wednesday, 10 August 2011

So I got that run in today

Yup - I did it: 45min of good form focus and sprinting. And I didn't even get rained on!

Now recently I read "Born to Run" which isn't quite what you think. It's not a book about learning how to run, it's about learning to run like perhaps we should, and for the right reasons. The author has written for such publications as Men's Health and you can tell - it's a fascinating and enjoyable read from cover to cover. And to be honest, I am NOT a reader - if I need information, it's off to Google for a quick search and that's that. But this book kept me glued to it, wishing my bus commutes were longer just so I could keep reading. I strongly recommend it.

I took away a few things from that book, mainly bits about my running and my approach to it. My form isn't what it should be (and when it is, I lose it when I get tired), and my approach has been brute-force with no end goal, and I get frustrated when I don't improve. Thanks to this book, I've reset my approach to running in four ways:
  1. Do hard workouts HARD.
  2. Do easy workouts EASY.
  3. On easy workouts, "if it feels like work, you're working too hard."
  4. Run like the Tarahumara.
For the fourth point - read the book. It's worth it.

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