Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I need to commit - plain and simple. I was getting rather frustrated yesterday, because it was a frustrating day - and that did nothing to help with my feelings of guilt and desire about training. Work continues to be nuts, then the car had to go into the garage, a lunchtime meeting punted my run plans, I worked extra hours, and prepped my bathroom for painting. On top of all that I didn't stick to my plans for workouts.

I need to commit. I know that Ironman Mont Tremblant is still one year away, but I want to start now to regain some of what has been lost. And to do that, I need to stick to what I plan out.

So all you readers out there (even those who aren't) are going to hold me accountable for the short term untilI get "back into the habit" of all this. Here is what I aim to do this week:

  • Tuesday: 30-45min run easy; swim with form focus
  • Wednesday: bike commute (easy am; tempo pm) 2hr total
  • Thursday: 30-45min run easy/threshold; swim or BodyRock
  • Friday: Gatineau hills ride am; tempo ride commute pm
  • Saturday: 60-75min easy run
  • Sunday: 60-90min ride or Spinervals "Bending Crank Arms"

There are my goals. I will need to adjust to make these, which is part of the reason for this as well. But I mist also remember two things: ease in, and have fun.

Time to leave these starting blocks behind.


JohnP said...

Yesterday you said Tomorrow.

Morning: Set the alarm - force yourself out that door for once.

Evening: If you're reading this, dont goto bed just yet, go for a jog outdoors in your pyjamas.

A few crappy pyjamas runs or sunrise runs will put some motivation back into those legs to get the workouts done at a more reasonable time of day, instead of procrastinating.

Get it done.



Lily on the Road said...

Work your plan and plan your work. As long as it is reasonable and attainable it will work. It is when the frustrations take over that everything falls into the crapper. IMMT is not that far away so you'd better have a solid base started already. Real life will always get in the way, it is how you handle that makes the difference.

You can only eat the elephant one bite at a time.