Sunday, 3 July 2011

Glad I've got some time

Didn't have a bad week, and managed to get a reasonable number of workouts done. I pulled back on the work just enough to make more time for myself and got some stuff done. It did help to have Monday off (my daughter is out of school now), and Friday was Canada Day. I really needed that break - and for once I took a vacation day as a vacation - no work at all.

The one thing that has held consistent this week was the way I was feeling. Even weeks after the marathon, I'm still stiff, sluggish, and tight. Fatigue comes fast and I'm always hoping that it's a mental lack of strength rather than a physical one. But I keep trudging through doing my best each time. But something is certainly off.

My swim endurance and form has fallen off, and my kick has weakened a lot. My kick form is horrible now, and it seems like my legs aren't strong enough to hold form properly. Biking is reasonable, but I do wear down faster than I'd like, and I am certainly not used to those aerobars again (a bike fit might be in order). And my runs are a struggle. It's like I'm so tight that I have to fight myself to make each stride. I ran the Canada Day in Kanata 10k and struggled the whole time. I thought I'd be able to hold a 5m40 pace with ease, but not so. It went from a planned tempo run to a mental test, doing everything I could to just not walk. I managed to do that, and managed to hold a high HR the whole time, and managed to complete the run in just over 58min. With a time like that, it should have been rather easy.

So in a way, I'm back to the drawing board Not sure how just yet, so I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing - the same thing. I'm sure that it won't lead to anything (it hasn't in the past) but it's still the summer and I want to enjoy it. :D

Today I was out for a ride, and it was damned hot. Well over 40C with the humidex, but I went out anyways. I managed to keep it aerobic, right around MAF for 1h40. It was great. The traffic was low, and I felt solid for the whole ride. I was getting tired near the end, but the worst thing was my arms, wrist and shoulders from riding the aerobars. I certainly need to tend to that. But the key thing was that I did well for the whole ride. So maybe doing the same thing isn't a bad thing, as long as I just follow the guidelines I keep talking about - go easy when it's supposed to be easy; go hard when it's supposed to be hard.

Now to remember that "wisdom" in the coming week. That might be harder than any training I do. ;)

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JohnP said...

It can only get better from here! Keep at it - enjoy seeing progress!! :)