Monday, 11 July 2011

Commitments, drive, and stress

You may have noticed an absence on the blog - I have been very very busy lately. Work and life have kept me working hard and at all hours this summer, and I was okay with this until I read a recent post by one of my favorite bloggers - Chuckie V.

The way I read it, what makes improvements in performance, and champions, is commitment. That makes total sense. But what touched a nerve was how his discussion removed all excuses one would have. Basically, if you want it bad enough, you will find ways to remove obstacles to reach your goals. It is that simple and I totally agree with Chuckie.

So where is the soft spot? Like most people I have many commitments, and on a daily basis. Staying true to all of these is a battle we all face, and in my opinion, Chuckie's argument loses some solidity once your commitments reach "critical mass" and you are forced to perform a balancing act. For me, I hate that Chuckie's argument isn't all-true at all times. I hate that there are times where I cannot do it all on my own, where something has to give. Yes it is selfish of me. I completely realize that. But that realization doesn't help me much.

I have consciously let my training go lately because of work commitments - they were those of the sales department, but now they are mine :). It has been many late nights, many extra hours and many delayed work items on the house. Under normal circumstances, thus work project would be fun and exciting, and truly it still is, but I could use some breathing room.

This weekend I delayed some work and focused on family and house items, which included two birthday parties, Date Night with my lovely wife, and the realization the redoing the caulking in the bathroom really is a nasty job. There was about 30min of training this weekend, and while it was a kick-ass BodyRock workout, I was hoping for another hour at least. And I wasn't bothered by this at all.

Until I remembered Chuckie's post. Then I got mad.

A while later I realized that anger was at myself for not allowing myself a different way of doing all I wanted. When I looked back at this last weekend, and the last few weeks at work, I have accomplished a boatload of stuff, and I have been there for my family the whole time. The house is cleaner, the yard maintained, my daughter happy, and I got some precious time with just my wife. And I managed to get a few workouts in.

Just like the lawn that was too long, like the dishes on the counter, and the work project that is well behind schedule, the workouts will get done. Deep down I believe that and I will make that happen. As long as I allow myself the ability to reprioritize and adapt, all is good.

For me it is a matter of remembering that. I hope that I can remember to focus on the drive to my commitments, rather than the commitments themselves, to make me realize it can all be done, and I can have it all.

And with that, I add a commitment to my already long list, but this one is for me. I am taking my lunch breaks again, and I am getting the runs back in place. Funny how I make that decision on what could be the hottest day of the year so far! But I can do this and I will. Proudly.

I have to remember that it is the challenges of life that make it memorable, and thus journey still has a long way to go.

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