Thursday, 23 June 2011

Time to get consistent

Just got back from one rough swim session. Lots of IM, lots of kick. And all of it showing me that I've lost a lot in my swim. And my stamina is weaker too, all pointing to weaker runs and rides too.

This isn't meant to be a complaining post here, rather it's one that identifies the cause - a lack of consistent training. I've let work get in the way of most of it, and the rest has been my decision to take it easy a bit. There's nothing wrong with any of that - life happens too.

I gave it my all tonight in the pool, even though it was a bit depressing. But I've got roughly 13.5 months before IM Mont Tremblant, and roughly 7.5 months before the formal training plan starts. So I've got a nice, "relaxed" base building block of 6 months before things get "serious." And I would like to make the most of it.

I'm starting to see this time as "Phase 0" that can get things off to the right foot. And for that to happen, I need to get consistent. Nothing too big, nothing too intense here, but just consistent activity in all facets - swims, bikes, runs, stretching and strength. For the next week or two, I'll try for 2-3 in each through the week with nothing longer than an hour. And in a week or two, I'll examine how I feel, and perhaps see if I can do some self-testing to benchmark how I'm doing after that.


robert said...

If you are at Phase 0 I might be at -2, have not swam since IMWI 09. Probably won't start until November. I am going to start running again, next week. Good luck on your journey to IMMT.

JohnP said...

You've got the right idea - the work you put in now to build a comfortable base will pay big dividends when the official training plan starts. Invest in yourself now!

Crap. you make it sounds like IMMT is not that far away..... BECAUSE ITS REALLY NOT THAT FAR AWAY! lol

I remember signing up for IMLP 12 months in advance. I blinked and now race day is almost here. Seriously, 12 months is just to short! lol
I am ready now though, but thats because I put in a solid base Phase 0. I started 38 weeks out from Ironman.