Wednesday, 22 June 2011

So I signed up for an Ironman

Dear god it is almost a week since I signed up and I have been too busy to elaborate! Work is absolutely insane, my daughter had her 7th birthday, I learned that 13 7- and 8-year-old girls is too much for a party (holy crap the teenage years are gonna be fun), and the end of the school year is upon us. I'm on the bus right now, and rather than read about Lucene and Hibernate (yawn) I thought I would get this late post done.

It all started a few weeks ago where folks on the net started talking about rumors of new Ironman races. Even the local press was chatting about the possibility of new WTC races nearby. Chatting with Scott about this we dreamed of getting in these events if we could.

Then, sure enough, WTC announced Ironman Mont Tremblant - a ski resort that is similar to Banff, but only about 2hrs away in Quebec. Scott was all excited about it, and I was bugging him that his Ironman ticket from Kona in 2003 needed to be renewed. Then the discussions got more and more serious, until finally I said "I'm in if you are."

You see, up to this point my wife and daughter were 100% blowing away any and all excuses I could come up with. As far as she was concerned, I was doing it. It was mine to lose, and I finally made the choice to sign up - with or without Scott. And for me, that's bigger than it may seem. You see, I saw Scott in 2003 on NBC as he was on the side of the road with 10 miles to go at the Kona Ironman. I wasn't running or doing tris then, but that scene made me question myself about what I was capable of, and what I would have done in his position. It has always stuck with me, and I always explain my crazy goals with that story.

Almost intuitively, Scott had sent me a text message that now is appended to that Kona story for me - "it is time for you to write your own story."

You bet it is.

I was in. Scott was in. And we waited for Wednesday to fight the online registration mayhem that seems to surround these races. I booked myself a meeting for that time to better ensure that I was available for the registration, and I was giddy like an excited schoolgirl all morning waiting to follow through.

11:58 - can't register. Thought I would try.
11:59 - damn our clocks are almost perfectly synched!
12:00 - GO! "Register here" link clicked! Here we go!

Then you wait. The servers are so busy that you are placed into an automated queue that retried the connection every 15 seconds. I am on the edge of my seat waiting with anticipation, blocking the inside voice saying "what the hell are you thinking?" Finally the dialog changes and I get the entry form! I start entering the data and filling in the surprising amount of data being requested. I am about half way done when a new little pop-up says "Your session is about to time out click Keep Working to keep it alive." I click that as fast as possible, not wanting to end up at the back of the list - "Error handling Keep Working request" shows next! Oh hell no!!! I throw caution and completeness to the wind and put just a single character in the remaining non-critical fields and hit submit.

And I get confirmation - my entry is good! I will be doing Ironman Mont Tremblant in August 2012!

At this point I am waiting for Scott, who has business in Toronto during the registration window. He texts me saying he skipped out of the meeting early and is waiting in the queue. It seems to take forever and I am still giddy, but this time hoping for him. Finally, he's in!

Not only do I get to do my first Ironman, I get to do it with one of the key inspiration points for doing all this stuff! Let the story begin!

My wife was working at the time and said she could have screamed when I told her I got a spot. We are all excited, perhaps my wife and daughter even more that they get to drive me to the workouts for a year with no complaining on my part. Yeah, somehow I agreed to that. :)

Now that the flurry of registration is done, it's time to get ready. Yeah, it is 14 months away, but there are some big ass hills there for the bike and run, making the distance even more challenging. I need to get started on a solid base, improved flexibility and strength very soon, and get ready for the "formal" 24 week plan that will start sometime in February. That and all this craziness at work has put a bit of a damper on racing this year, but that is okay. I still plan on doing some events this summer, just shorter, with the focus more on fun than beating personal bests. That will take away a lot of the stress I put on myself which will make thus work but more manageable.

And I have already seen a different perspective in me and my activities. Biking to work I normally complain when the wind changes direction in the evening. Now I don't care - that just gives me a better strength and endurance ride to get ready. It sure won't be that easy at Mont Tremblant!

Alright, I am getting close to my bus stop here. Time to pack it in (for now) and get ready for work. Wish me luck!


Ironman By Thirty said...


Man the rush to register was exhilarating. Staring at the screen telling me to wait and all I could think of was that there was going to be an error and I wouldn't get in. That was some of the fastest typing ever once I finally got in.

Good luck with your training! IMMT is going to be a blast!

JohnP said...


That was my thoughts anyways. I just populated the text boxes with an 'x' too haha! :)

Great post - what a rush! This post makes my day! OMG SCOTT IS DOING IT TOO?!!!!!?? Sweeeeet! Congrats! He has been a big inspiration for me, his moment caught on film is priceless! I love it!

His race should be coming up soon, July 1st so I hope he updates his blog with this BIG news!
If I were him I would let WTC know he's doing it - maybe they'll do a peice on him for promotional purposes. The comeback!

I'm excited for everyone that has registered! We should make a training camp trip up sometime to preview the course!
Wow, my wife will be thrilled to meet Scott - seriously, he's a total celebrity haha! :)