Thursday, 2 June 2011

Post-marathon - Getting started again

Monday - Could barely walk. Felt like an old man who lost his walker the entire day. Getting on and off the bus was a challenge. I'm sure I looked the sight.

Tuesday - Much, much better. Walking normally and climbing stairs, but going down stairs makes it feel like my quads are going to split in half. Eating everything in sight.

Wednesday - Almost back to normal. Getting jittery with energy and want to get back to some form of activity again. Test that theory out with an easy spin on the trainer - last 30min. The plus side - I was breathing through my nose the entire time. Aerobic base in good shape!

Thursday - Was going to run at lunch today, but decided to give it one more day. Skipped tonight's swim too, which I'm feeling rather guilty of. Thankfully work is absolutely insane so I have a "good" excuse. But I must still be tired, because I'm sleeping like a rock at night...and on the bus commute.

What's next? Not sure, but here's a good estimate.

Friday - Forcing myself out the door at lunch for a short 20-30min easy run. Work is busy and all, but I don't want to lose much of what I gained with this whole marathon bit. Was tempted to ride to work, but given I had a hard time with 30min last night, 2hrs of riding on the road probably isn't the best decision just yet.

Sunday - Hoping to get out for a short-ish 1hr ride or so with a buddy. Try to get out in the morning before all the family stuff so the day's still free. And if I'm lucky, I'll finally get my Felt off the trainer.

Next week - It's back to the pool, and back to bike commuting. Time to start working back to 2 swims, 2-3 bikes, and 2-3 runs per week. Oh yeah, and I'll be anxiously awaiting the announcement of a new Ironman race in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, for 2012.

July 1 (Canada Day) - Definitely participating this year. I'll do either 5k or 10k, with my daughter doing the Kids 1k, and we'll all be cheering Scott for his return to the races.

July ?? - Is the half-iron in Carleton Place a possibility this year? Better start counting the weeks on the calendar!

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JohnP said...

totally - the pool makes all the difference for me! getting off my feet and just moving through the range of motion feels so good!

Looks like you're coming around - dont push it though, it'll take at least another week to actually be able to produce any power with those legs!

Is the family sick hearing you moan and grown everytime you have to get up or bend over? haha!