Monday, 13 June 2011

Fear and excitement

There is two threads on this discussion!

First, my daughter (who will be 7 this week!) had a birthday party yesterday at Camp Fortune's Aerial Park - a place full of obstacles and such in the trees of Gatineau Park. She was so excited and loved getting the harness on and learning to use the equipment. Then she face the first ladder, made of logs and cables and went up about 10' to the first platform. That is when the tears welled up. She cried and cried and wanted help, but on the kids course you cannot go with them. With coaching and support, she crossed the first obstacle handling her climbing gear properly. The second obstacle was tougher, having to crawl through "barrels" suspended 10' again. That took some work, and I was starting to think she would dehydrate from all the tear loss. She got across though, and strapped herself to the next platform as she waited for the little guy ahead of her. She said she was so scared, but said she didn't want to stop! We helped to calm her down and give her tips for the next obstacle - a tightrope with a wiggly guide wire. This was the toughest for her, and she was really freaking out at the midpoint. We had to be a bit more stern to calm her down, but she realized that she was already half way across, and she couldn't get help until she was on a platform. All of a sudden, she just "ponied up" and zoomed across. All of her friends had completed the course by now, and came back to cheer her on and that helped things too. Then onto the 4th obstacle where she started to smile as she crossed! The next obstacle was suddenly a breeze for her! She had broken through her fear and believed in herself! I had tears in my eyes at this point, and she readied her equipment for the final two stages, both ziplines. She zoomed along through the trees smiling, and even remembered the proper breaking technique! Such proud parents! We only hope she can appreciate just how significant her actions were!

And of course, she now wants to go back and do the other kids courses there! I need to learn some HTFU from her!

Now it's my turn.

Well, almost, but I am really really hoping thus pans out. Last week WTC announced Ironman Mont Tremblant for 2012. That's close to me, about 2.5hrs away by car. I thought about what it would take to get there, the costs, and anything else that it may take...all of which was quickly doused by my loving wife (aka my drill sergeant). Texted my buddy Scott about the race and he was all over it, probably reliving his 2003 race in Kona. A few discussions later, and my mind is made up - I am signing up for IMMT! My first shot at an Ironman race!

Now what scares me is not the race or the race prep, but my ability to get a spot for 2012. Ottawa has a tonne of triathletes, and the surrounding areas are exactly the same. And with Montreal being two hours from Mont Tremblant, there will be athletes from there vying for the inaugural race too. I just keep hoping and preying this works out, and I can't wait for the registration to open!

Kudos to my daughter! And if I get a spot at IMMT, kudos to me too!

Wish me luck!


Jon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always great to follow another who is doing the same race. Now let's hope doesn't crap out on us and it doesn't sell out in 5 secs!

Matty O said...

Awesome man, hope it works out and you get your slot!!!

Looks awesome and we have a 140.6 an hour from our house :) Rev3 CP which is why I can't pass that up either, totally get the attraction to a close race!