Monday, 16 May 2011

Potpourri where have you gone?

It's been a long time since I've done a potpourri post. And tonight is a great time for it, since I don't really have a lot to say and there's not a hell of a lot new. So, here goes!
  • The first ever Leadman Tri 250 was held last weekend, and not only is it epic, but it's epic that kick-ass Canadian Angela Naeth won the women's race AND was second overall. Now that's inspiring. You know it's tough when Troy Jacobsen is on the bike for over 7hrs!
  • I got out today for my long run that was supposed to be yesterday. The wind and rain was strong, and I had an extra 10lbs on my back thanks to a backpack full of snacks and a change of clothes. I didn't get the 90min scheduled, but I did get 75. I'm thinking that the added weight and conditions has be worth another 2min for sure. ;)
  • The taper has me feeling tired and tight. Need to ensure I eat lean foods and stretch all the way through to next week's marathon.
  • Painting ceilings and walls is, apparently, a great workout for the hips. Mine are really tired from that! But the room looks fantastic - just needs a couple touchups.
  • The plan says that tomorrow is a rest day. What will I do with all my spare time? :D
  • I got a new TV for my workout room. It's old, and the image is fuzzy, but it's a 27in that can accept a DVD player. Once I get that, those Spinervals DVDs will be much clearer - I've been doing them on a 7" portable player.
  • My Felt S22 TT bike is still on the trainer, still has the trainer tire on it, and has yet to see the light of day this year. When the marathon is done, I can't wait to ride it on a beautiful sunny day!
  • My daughter has a VERY wiggly tooth, and it's become a bit troublesome. It's causing a great deal of discomfort during eating...unless it's something that's almost microscopic in size. I'm tempted to just grab hold and yank it out. :D

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JohnP said...

ahhh the poor lonely bike! I'm sure youll give it the much needed sunlight when the time comes. :) Keep your eyes on the prize for now though!

Yank that puppy. Nothing a set of vise grips won't fix.