Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The home stretch

This is the final week before the marathon! I can't believe that 18wks have passed already and that June is just around the corner.

This has been quite the experience for me. With the run being my weakness (well, the weakest weakness) I have improved but to what degree I don't yet know. Even now in the last part of the taper I feel heavy, more than I would like to at this point of the game. But it is too late now to make adjustments, so I am going in with a plan and one simple goal - successfully cross the finish line and be proud doing so.

I am usually hard on myself for pretty much everything, and I am sure that this run will be no different. I need to remember though where I was before I took this on. I have since run successfully to 29km on trails, have run the half marathon distance countless times with no issues or pain, and have worked a lot on base intensity (something I rarely do). And now I am in the position of doing a marathon. All it takes is one look at the marathon route to appreciate just what a marathon is.

Still a few days out and I am already wondering what is next. My good buddy Scott is back doing his first race in 5yrs on Canada Day so I am definitely doing that. The Smiths Falls tri is in June and I always like that one for some reason - we'll see if that gets in this year. Much the same for the half iron in July - need to get a good race out of that one still. Beyond that I am not sure, but I certainly have my choice of a tonne of other events here in Ottawa.

But most definitely I am riding my Felt...and just riding in general. The marathon plan has little room for riding, and I am missing my bikes dearly! Bring on the sun!

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